A small latina owned business established in 2018

We value diversity, equality & progess.

I often get asked what does IAG stand for ?

I have 4 incredible nephews and niece that make my life whole.

I-A-G stands for the first letters in their and my name.

I hope by having them see me pursue my dream it helps them know to always pursue theirs.


Meet the founders

  • Gisella F.


    Started as a crafter for fun in 2018 and grew that passion into a small business. Over the years I'm amazed to see the growth of IAG Designs. Thank you for supporting my small business.

  • Gisella T

    She is the backbone of the company If you shop local you will often see her with me. During Peak times your orders are carefully packed by her

  • Mario F.

    His support has helped grow my business. He helps with setting up my pop ups and you will often see him operating in the background